"Daidze POS"

Welcome to the open source edition and public release of our Business Solution "DAIDZE POS"

A completely free, fully customizable and beautifully designed business management system that allows you to keep track of your money, sales, customers, products and stock in an easy and user friendly environment on any operating system. DAIDZE POS is completely free and available for download.


"DAIDZE" is a free and completely open-source rapid development framework written in TCL/Tk. It's a well designed and tested foundational structure for programmers to create database applications. Our primary objective is to enable you to work in a well structured and rapid development manner without the loss of flexibility. "DAIDZE" will provide you with all the tools you need to start creating your own software.

"DAIDZE" has an active development team and community, providing great value and upgrades to the project, by using it you'll be keeping your application's core well tested and constantly modern.

  • RAD Framework (Rapid Application Development Framework).
  • ERP software for small and middle sized enterprises.
  • Multi-platform. Works on Linux, Windows and Macintosh with little to no configuration involved.
  • Compatible with versions 8.x and 9.x of PostgreSQL.
  • Compatible with versions 3.x of SQLite.
  • Localization, multilingual (currently in English and Portuguese), each client separately configurable.
  • Business modular software written in TCL/Tk.

daidze pos

Accelerate Sales:

DAIDZE POS allows you to execute sales in rapid and sophisticated ways with the use of barcode scanners, touchscreen terminals or manual input. It's easy to use, configure, manage and best of all, it's completely free of charge.

Manage Products:

Organize your products in categories, add product images, generate custom made barcodes, set automatic stock notifications and have the ability to create compound products! All of these things are made easy with DAIDZE POS.

Control Stock:

Manage your stock flow in a precise and a powerful way, take control of your ingredients and prime materials, manage multiple warehouses, rectify stock values with specific descriptions and manage your products costs. DAIDZE POS has an automatic stock control system carefully integrated into the software.