Products: Adding a compound products

A compound product is a product composed of other products already in the system. It's useful to have compound products if you are selling packages of products together, or if you are "creating" products from your other products. For example you could have ingredient products like chocolate powder and milk and a compound product "HOT CHOCOLATE" made with those. Compound products don't have stock count, they use products they are composed by and every time they are sold those products are removed from your stock count.

Step 1:

Start by normally adding a product and filling up its details. Then check the "COMPOUND" box to specify it's a compound product.

Step 2:

Now you can click on "ADD COMPONENT" and from the list of already added products you can add components. Specify quantity and unit of measurement, in here you can have fractional numbers too! Add all products you need to keep track of in your stock.

Step 3:

Click on green "ACCEPT" button, your compound product will appear on the list just like any other.

You can never have multiple items with exactly the same name!!!
You can NOT delete an item from the list, consider using edit option.