INVOICES: How to see or add an Invoice

Follow these steps to see your invoices, export them as PDF or manually create an invoice.

Step 1:

Open invoices module. You'll see two lists, INVOICES and PRO-FORMAS, choose INVOICES.

Step 2:

Here you'll see a list of all your invoices, sales made in Point of Sale will appear here too with a client DAIDZE_POS, later you can learn how to change the client if you need to send an invoice with a client's details on it.

Step 3:

If you double click an invoice it'll generate a PDF file with all invoice details, including names, date, contact... you need to have client's data in the system for an invoice to use it. We'll teach you about that soon.

Step 4:

You can also ADD a new invoice. There you can select type of invoice and its client from a dropdown list, in this example we will be creating an invoice for Billy.

Step 5:

Select a date and then add a new line, fill in the information. Tax is not obligatory as you already specified tax for each product. Click on "ACCPET" button.

Step 6:

Now you have a product added to the invoice, you can now add more products, remove a selected line or "ACCPET" and add invoice to the list, let's do that.

Step 7:

Your invoice has been added. Notice how it says TOTAL 30 and DEBT 30, meaning that the invoice has not been paid yet. We should charge Billy!