Initial configuration: Create payment options

In order to receive money and keep track of payment methods you can add multiple payment options.

Step 1:

Open configuration module and click on "PAYMENT TYPES" button.

Step 2:

You'll access your current list of payment options. At the bottom of screen click on "ADD" button.

Step 3:

Name your tax, usually we recommend adding Cash as your first payment option and set it as DEFAULT and DEFAULT for this station. This means that sales made without specifying payment type will be processed as Cash sales.

Step 4:

Click on green "ACCEPT" button. Your payment option should now appear on the list.

Step 5:

You can add another payment option, such as Credit Card or Check, do NOT check default options for secondary payment options.

Step 6:

Click on green "ACCEPT" button. You'll see multiple payment options in the list.

You can never have multiple items with exactly the same name!!!