Stock: Adding products to stock

Follow these steps to add your products to stock. We recommend you to have all your products added on stock with as much precision as possible, sort products by type, taste, color, size, whatever works... the more precise it is the better it'll be!

Step 1:

Open stock movements module.

Step 2:

At the bottom of the screen click "ADD" button. Select warehouse from dropdown list and then data of transaction, you can add older movements too.

Step 3:

Click "ADD NEW LINE TO STOCK" to open a window from which you'll add products. Fill in quantity, select a product from your list of products and a movement type for IN type of transaction.

Step 4:

Click on green "ACCEPT" button to add items to list, you can add multiple items to a transaction. You can also add item costs, ATTENTION it works by multiplying QUANTITY x COSTS.

Step 5:

Click on green "ACCEPT" button at the bottom when you are done adding products to this movement. You'll see a list of all your movements.

Pay attention to your movement type when working with stock!!!