Initial configuration: Stock movement type

Under this section we will show you how to add stock movement types. Usually stock movements include and ACQUISITION movement that adds products to stock and a SALE movement which removes items from stock when a product is sold. There can also be other types of movements to ADD or REMOVE products from stock and let you keep track of what's going on.

Step 1:

Open configuration module and click on "STOCK MOVEMENTS" button.

Step 2:

You'll access your current list of stock movements. At the bottom of screen click on "ADD" button. In "name" chose an option IN and name your movement as ACQUISITION or something similar to identify "getting products on stock". Set it as DEFAULT FOR AQUISITION, there can only be one of these.

Step 3:

Click on green "ACCEPT" button. Your movement type should now appear on the list. You can now add another movement.

Step 4:

This time let’s add an OUT movement type and name it SALE or something similar to identify “selling a product”. Set it as DEFAULT FOR SALE, it’ll be your main movement type to remove products from stock.

Step 5:

You can also add GENERAL TYPE movements to add or remove products from stock. Use these movements to manage your stock, lower or raise your stock count with these special movements.

Step 6:

For example if your stock is wrong and you need to remove some products from it you can create a movement names STOCK DOWN in OUT type and use it to lower your stock. This way you will know you didn’t sell those items, but rather removed them for some reason. You can also add movements like STOLEN, BROKEN, GIVE AWAY, etc.

You can never have multiple items with exactly the same name!!!
Don't forget to set one DEFAULT movement for IN and OUT types!